by Tahira Rifath



Faith increases and decreases. Faith is something that is to be spoken in words, to believed in the heart and put into action.  Faith increases with obedience and decreases with disobedience. Below are listed some ways to deal with weakness of the heart.


1. Pondering the meanings of the Quran

2. Awareness of the Majesty of Allah, the All High

3. Seeking islamic knowledge

4. Regular attendance at gatherings of Dhikr

5. Doing a lot of righteous deeds

6. Doing a variety of acts of worship

7. Fearing a bad end

8. Remembering death often

9. Remembering the different levels of status in the Hereafter

10. Interacting with the signs of Allah that exist in the universe

11. Engaging in Dhikr

12. Confiding in Allah and humbling before him

13. Leaving hope for a long life

14. Thinking of the World as insignificant

15. Respecting the limits set by Allah

16. Loyalty towards the believers and hostility towards disbelief

17. Modesty

18. Heart deeds

19. Self evaluation

20. Supplications


For more in-depth info on any of the blogs about weakness of faith please read the book below.

Adapted from the book:


Weakness of faith, Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid