The First Female Martyr In Islam

by Tahira Rifath

This post is about the life of Summayah (R.A.), because we do not hear about her too often and even less is known about her.

The Prophet (S.A.W.) said that when dimensions and disputes appeared among the people, Ibn Summayah (R.A.) would always stand by the right and just.


Her early Life

Summaya (R.A.) was the wife of Yasir (R.A.) whom she met when she was a slave girl under Abu Huthaifah.  She was also amongst the first 7 people to accept Islam. Most importantly, she was the first female to be martyred in Islam. She had 3 sons, named Ammar, Abdullah and Hareeth.  Ammar was the only one who lived, as the other two were murdered at a young age before Islam came into place. This death of her family members was just the beginning of murderous events that would later haunt Summaya (R.A.) in her later years.


Her personality

The most common traits I’ve come across for Summaya (R.A.) was her bravery and imaan (faith), also her fearlessness. She never ever gave in to the torture placed upon her and had an exceptional amount of patience, withstanding all the evil hurt that her frail self endured. Such, was her love for her religion, that suffering severely was nothing to her.


When Rasulallah (S.A.) and Abu Bakr (R.A.) entered in to the fold of Islam they were fortunate to have Abu Talib as a protector, but for the common Muslim like Summayah (R.A.) who had no support, torture was the call of the day. She was forcefully baked in the blazing heat of Makkah with iron shields only to worsen the pain. The Prophet (S.A.W.) would often pass by and advise Summaya (R.A.) to be patient, as Jannah was awaiting her.


Her Brutal Death

Summaya (R.A.) was murdered in the most brutal way possible, especially considering the fact that she was a weak fragile old lady. For me, this was too heartless to picture.  Abu Jahl, could not take the fact that she did not fear him at all and could resist him. She wouldn’t give up her religion against all odds, and because of this in a fit of rage he thrust his spear into her private parts, killing her…

Thus died, the first female martyr in Islam, an extremely brave and fearless women…

When something goes wrong in our lives, we should think of Summayah (R.A.) and her pain, and how our petty issues are quite nothing compare to the agonizing burns on her skin.

May Allah (S.W.T.) awaken our souls and make our Iman as strong as hers, In sha Allah . Ameen.