When will Obama be returning his Nobel peace prize?

by Tahira Rifath

Until now, I’ve refused to comment on foreign intervention (yet again) by Western forces in Iraq and Syria out of sheer hopelessness, and due to the fact my words will be of little consolation to the slain victims.

Westminster has overwhelmingly voted to join French and U.S. forces in obliterating ISIS, which if I’m going to be quite frank, find utterly hilarious. The two forces (Great Britain and France) who are singlehandedly responsible for indiscriminately drawing up borders with no attention to ethnic and religious divisions, are the reason the Middle East is embroiled in this very war they claim to be saviours of. As for the U.S. (which can lay claim to more casualties than ISIS will ever attain) and its impressive foreign policy, will always be held accountable for giving rise not only to ISIS, but to Taliban and Al Qaeda. But in spite of this, that is not the issue at hand. If this war on ISIS was to truly eradicate religious extremism in the Middle East, then by all means, wage yet another war that ever so proudly claims to stand on humanitarian pillars. But lest you deceive yourself in believing this to be true, you are greatly mistaken.

Compare the number of cities levelled, civilians murdered (many of whom through chemical weaponry) and the refugee crisis caused by both Bashar Al Assad and ISIS, and you have an obvious champion. Assad has managed to inflate his very impressive abhorrent human rights record with a three year civil war that has left Syria in ruin. Footage of entire districts leveled, thousands upon thousands of Syrians tortured, raped and pillaged, and yet not a single country intervened due to “lack of evidence in regards to use of chemical weapons”. You can murder two hundred thousand civilians, but God forbid you do so “chemically”. I wonder if third world dictators have instruction manuals outlining how to murder their own people without warranting international intervention? Surely Bashar must have the very best. I digress.

Compare the number of journalists murdered by Israel in the Gazan war and those murdered in cold blood by ISIS, and again, you have an obvious champion. The difference, you see, is the obvious bias in media. 18 journalists were murdered in Gaza by the most humanitarian army in the world, compared to 1 by ISIS. Of course we could discuss the brutal manner in which ISIS executed Steven Sotloff, but the issue here is the evident hypocrisy exhibited by world powers in relaying the “news”. — I could go on further to compare the refugee crisis of Yazidis in Kurdistan to that of Palestinian refugees, but I guess that’s old news, surely the world needs something new to gnaw its teeth on. — Again, has a Western nation intervened or even so much as issued a single condemnation against the Israeli state? If anything, the same country that now claims to spearhead the war that will enlighten the Middle East, has outlined endlessly its undying support for Israel. Thank you, Uncle Sam.

This brings us to my final point: France, Great Britain, and the USA’s interests lay nowhere else but in Middle Eastern oil. Had ISIS murdered and pillaged without obstructing oil supplies, would they have been granted the very same rights Assad currently enjoys. Should any of your future plans include committing genocide, just ensure Western powers are unaffected; that way, you can ensure at least 10 years of crimes against humanity with no more than “condemnations”.

If this war was to truly put an end to ISIS, end the Middle East’s abysmal human rights record, and ensure a transition towards democracy, then I would throw my full fledged support towards it. But this is no more than a hypocritical excuse by Western powers to control more natural resources in developing countries. This war will only give rise to more Bin Landens, more ethnic and religious tension, but above all, more death. So by all means, continue to support a war that claims to rid the Middle East of ISIS when it will do no more than desensitise a region that has endured so much at the hands of Western powers. Enough is enough.

P.S. When will Obama be returning his Nobel peace prize?