Soggy Fries & Chocolate Milk

by Tahira Rifath

The title of this post has nothing to do with the content of it. My comfort food is soggy fries and chocolate milk. Just so you know. I am going to rant. Here goes.

I’ve learnt a lot more from the road than I’ve ever learnt from familiarity. It’s funny, though. Some of us think having a stable home, a stable job, a happy family, a dog named Tommy and a cat named Timmy are what it takes to win at life. We tend to define life in accordance to what is ‘familiar’. Everyone around us has the same job, the same circumstances and we fit in just fine, and there aren’t any missing pieces to the puzzle. Everyone collages quite perfectly. But the truth that we shan’t ever run away from is that there shall come a point in our lives where our long built familiarity will not suffice anymore. Call it a mid-life crisis, call it a wake up call, call it whatever the hell your diction spells out to you, but it shall come and it will strike you hard. There is a lethal boredom, and that lethal boredom is called life, and if you don’t ultimately stand taller, it shall eat you up. Whatever you do, do it genuinely. You don’t have to do it right. Doing things right gets you into the spiral of familiarity. Just do it genuinely and you shall forever feel content; that you aren’t just some pieces of a perfectly organized puzzle of yet another ‘familiar’ life.

Okay. I’m done. Let me go dig the fridge now.