by Tahira Rifath

I honestly can’t fathom a culture that solidly believes that marriage is an accomplishment. No. Marriage is not an accomplishment. Marriage is a choice. Marriage can either happen or not happen. Love doesn’t always happen. You can’t work hard to fall in love. You can’t stay up hours to fall in love. You don’t go to classes all year round to fall in love. Getting a degree is an accomplishment. Graduating top of your class is an accomplishment. Traveling the world to learn, to see, to taste, to experience new things, is an accomplishment. Writing a book is an accomplishment. Starting up a business is an accomplishment. You have to work your butts off to “accomplish” all the mentioned above. You need to fight for success. You need to not give up. And when it’s all over, you feel “accomplished”. I can’t fathom a culture that considers a person (despite all the substances that make him/her & despite the places he/she’s visited, and the books his/her mind has strolled through) a waste of space, because he/she isn’t married yet.