“We Walk Together”

by Tahira Rifath

In due time, when history books document the struggle of the Syrian people and the traitorous journeys they embarked upon to live decent, respectful lives, the world will remember two distinct stories: countries that sheltered innocent human beings from the war, and those who abandoned the call for humanity.

As for the Gulf – and in particular the Saudi Arabian/Qatari coalition – Countries with enough wealth to shelter the Syrian people 15 times over; the world will not forget how you shunned the very people whose war you fuelled. And to the Pro-Gulf sympathisers: allowing Syrians who were previously residing in the Gulf to work without their Iqamas (residence permit), isn’t a form of refuge. Get a grip.

A beautiful 15 minute documentary following a Syrian family’s perilous journey from Hungary, to safety in Germany.
Make sure you keep a box of tissues nearby.