Harmony of Liberty?

by Tahira Rifath

It baffles me that the world is so concerned about the imagery of crisis that they’ve learned to overlook the problem itself, and it is suddenly all about what hashtag is more humane than the other.

I have been dramatically moved by the attacks in Paris, and I would not like to compare my grief to how I felt for other ordeals. And it’s not because they’re white. And it’s not because I’m muslim and the backlash should concern me. And it’s not because I’m afraid of a third world war. But because Friday night’s victims were everyday people who were going to bars with friends, or to restaurants hoping to have an end-of-week dinner with family, or were at a concert, or were buying a gift to their children, or were rushing home to feed their cats, or were on the phone but hadn’t enough time to tell the person on the other end of the phone how much they loved them. These people were just walking on free lands and expressing freedom in the most beautiful ways and that was their only crime. In today’s world, freedom can get you killed in the name of a God created by men who have not yet understood the harmony of liberty. These men have only understood fear all their lives, and they want you to be afraid too. Don’t let them win.