Here’s a sign

by Tahira Rifath

Here’s a sign. Here’s a sign for anyone who wants to get away. Here’s a sign for everyone in a relationship, a friendship, a job that is chaining them like wingless birds. Get away, loosen grip from conversations that lack substance, that are so self absorbed you forget your own worth, or worse, forget that you have a heart that beats to be felt, and a chest that roars to be heard, conversations that are like broken lamps in a dark park on a Monday evening, conversations you don’t take to your sleep, that don’t create colours in your dreams, that don’t intrigue you to a point where you are dazzled and lost for days analysing every word, and every pause. Leave a conversation that has not handed you a paintbrush to take part in the portrait, that pushes you off the canvas, that offers empty palettes. Learn to be more afraid of hollow conversations than loneliness.